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Amusement and Leisure Equipment Finance

When you need to grow your amusement or leisure business being equipped with the latest equipment is critical. At Castle Finance we can provide competitive equipment finance and leasing solutions that help you unlock your true business potential. If your business needs immediate access to amusement or leisure equipment to increase output without increasing labour costs and without constricting cash flow, then the Castle Finance Group is for you.

Selecting the most suitable lender and right finance structure is essential to ensure maximum commercial benefit from your amusement equipment. The challenge for many businesses is accessing the finance, without being committed to just one institution.

At Castle Finance our amusement and leisure equipment specialists will customise a solution for your business structure, taking into account risk, tax implications and cash flow. Leasing equipment offers your business a competitive edge by minimising the tax liability, maintaining capital, and protecting against equipment obsolescence.

The amusement and leisure industries in Australia today are experiencing rapid change and present multiple challenges. In today’s fast moving world obsolete equipment can cause concerns for any amusement business, even equipment bought only a few years ago. Castle Finance Group specialises in tailored equipment finance solutions, offering an unsurpassed product offering to cater for whatever business sector you’re in.

At the Castle Finance Group we offer finance for all types of amusement and leisure equipment, new or used including:

  • Vending and Food Services equipment

  • Amusement Park equipment and rides

  • Music machines

  • Go Kart Track equipment

  • Golf Courses and Miniature Golf Course equipment

  • Bowling (Ten Pin or Green) equipment

  • Ice Skating equipment

  • Paintball Field equipment

  • Action Sport Park equipment

  • Skateboard Park equipment

  • Museums and Show equipment

  • Ferris Wheel equipment

  • Thrill Rides equipment

  • Childrens Rides equipment

  • Inflatables equipment

  • Roller Coaster equipment

  • Dodgem Cars equipment

  • Mobile Rides equipment

  • Fun Parks equipment

  • Giant Slides equipment

  • Food Vans equipment

  • Theme Park equipment

With many of our current amusement and leisure clients we have learnt to understand how their unique industry’s work. In almost all cases our equipment specialists will understand how the equipment you’re purchasing can benefit your business.

At the Castle Finance Group our amusement and leisure specialist will first work to better understand your unique operation. We handle the whole process from initial application right through to the equipment delivery. We liaise with the supplier of your choice and prepare all the paperwork, we then pay the supplier and you take delivery of the new equipment, it can be that easy.


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