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Mortgage Finance

The Castle Finance Group offers home loans, commercial property loans, investment loans and Lo Doc Loans. Whether you are looking to purchase a new property, refinance your current loan, or arrange a more competitive and flexible deal, we can help. We have access to a large range of lenders allowing us to find the most competitive and suitable loan for you.

Castle Finance is MFAA accredited, so you can be confident you’re working with someone who has the knowledge and integrity to find the loan that’s appropriate for your circumstances. At Castle Finance we comply with and maintain a rigorous set of MFAA standards and requirements.

At Castle Finance we offer a complete range of tailored home and investment loans plus business finance, for new purchases or refinances, of residential and commercial real estate, businesses or other purposes. If you are looking to finance a home or commercial property the Castle Finance Group offers competitive rates and quick approvals.

At the Castle Finance Group we can also organise refinance with the aim of arranging you a more suitable loan with a more competitive interest rate than your current mortgage.

Some of the advantages you will gain with the Castle Finance Group include:

  • Competitive Fixed Rates

  • Competitive Variable Rates

  • No On-Going Fees & Charges

  • Portability

  • Lines Of Credit

  • Investment Loans

  • Flexible Loan Repayments

  • Free Unlimited Redraw Facility

  • Daily Interest

  • Construction Loans

  • Locally Owned & Operated

  • 100% Off Set available

  • One Stop Finance Shop

  • Direct Salary Credits

  • Free Internet and Phone Access

  • Split Loans At No Extra Cost

  • Interest only options are available in certain circumstances.

Commercial Property Finance

If you are looking to buy a new business or commercial property, expand your existing business or property, undertake a property development, or looking to refinance or increase your existing business borrowings then Castle Finance can assist. 

At Castle Finance our range of competitive commercial property finance loans will assist you in purchasing your commercial investment property or owner occupied commercial property. We have arranged finance for offices, motels, hotels and caravan parks, as well as numerous general businesses.

Castle Finance offers a comprehensive range of commercial property finance products including:

  • Variable rates up to 25 years

  • Fixed rates for 1 to 5 years

  • Up to 80% valuation

  • Loan terms up to 25 years

  • Fixed and variable commercial finance products

  • Up to 90% loan to value ratios

  • Business over draft facilities 

  • Commercial bill facilities

  • Solutions for retail, industrial and commercial

Home loans

If you are looking to arrange a home loan to buy a new home or apartment, rural residential property, or other form of residence or looking to refinance your existing home loan, then Castle Finance can help.

We will listen to your requirements, research and advise you of our recommendations and reasons, as well as provide you with detailed product information.

We will then arrange the loan application, finance approval and loan documentation with you, review the refinance in need and continue to liaise with the various other parties (solicitors, real estate agents) until the matter is finalised. We will then provide you with comprehensive bank contact details after the loan has settled.

  • Basic Variable Rate Home Loan

  • Fixed Rate Home Loan

  • Interest Only Home Loan

  • Line of Credit

  • Self Certified Home Loan

  • Mortgage Offset Home Loan

  • Principal & Interest Home Loan

  • Standard Variable Rate Home Loan

  • Mortgage Finance

    • Residential or Investment

    • Variable rates for up to 25 years

    • Fixed rates for 1 to 5 years

    • Loans up to 95% of valuation

    • Redraw facilities

    • Private funds available

Lo Doc Loans

If you don't have the same financial structure or income patterns as PAYG earners then you need the flexibility and convenience of our Lo Doc home loans.

These types of loans provide non-traditional income earners, with an irregular inflow of money, the opportunity to easily get into the home ownership market, or to take out a loan to upgrade. You are able to self-certify income when going through the approval process, rather than providing full financial details, giving you faster access to your loan plus greater flexibility.

Investment Loans

Investment loans may suit investors who want to build wealth by borrowing to invest in shares, managed funds, property or other assets. At Castle Finance we offer a comprehensive range of investment loans.

At Castle Finance our range of competitive investment loans will assist you in purchasing your investment property.

MFAA Accredited

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) is the peak industry body and now represents more than 12,000 professionals. Formerly the MIAA (the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia), the MFAA is actively working to promote and maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour.

When you work with Castle Finance you can be confident you’re working with someone who has the knowledge and integrity to find the loan that’s appropriate for your circumstances. At Castle Finance we comply with and maintain a rigorous set of MFAA standards and requirements.

MFAA members must satisfy strict educational requirements, and undertake ongoing professional training to keep up with the latest industry developments. That’s why we have the knowledge to help guide you to the loan that is appropriate for your particular situation.

MFAA members must adhere to an industry Code of Practice that demands high professional standards, fair business practices, ethical behaviour and compliance with both the letter and spirit of relevant laws and regulations.


Call and speak with one of our specialist consultants to discuss your home, investment, Lo Doc or commercial property finance requirements. Our property finance specialist will outline the most suitable mortgage options and then guide you through the application and approval process, right through to settlement. Commercial mortgages can be arranged on a variety of different premises from offices, industrial units, retail outlets, agricultural units and care homes.

At Castle Finance we will be able to offer you a full range of products to suit your individual needs.


Castle Finance MFAA Member