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Plant and Business Equipment Finance

Plant and Business Equipment finance and leasing is the smart way to acquire the new, used and replacement equipment your business needs, without using your cash reserves. The Castle Finance plant and equipment finance team has significant experience in operating lease and rentals for all types of equipment, in most industries, for smaller businesses to major corporations. Leasing is the convenient way to acquire the equipment your business needs and Castle Finance has the solutions you require.

If your business needs immediate access to plant and equipment, to increase output without increasing labour costs, without constricting cash flow, then the Castle Finance Group is for you. Selecting the most suitable lender and right finance structure is essential to ensure maximum commercial benefit from your plant and equipment. Our equipment specialists will customise a solution for your business structure, taking into account risk, tax implications and cash flow.

Industry in Australia is experiencing rapid change and presents multiple challenges. In today’s fast moving world obsolete equipment can cause concerns for any manufacturing business, even equipment bought only a few years ago. Castle Finance Group specialises in tailored equipment finance solutions, offering an unsurpassed product offering to cater for whatever business sector you’re in.

At Castle Finance we understand that state of the art equipment is expensive and that improving efficiency and productivity are essential for your success. We understand that it's the use of equipment in a business, not the ownership of it, which produces benefits. With Castle Finance we can help you to secure the latest plant, equipment, machinery and technology

Most types of plant and equipment and machinery can be funded, including:

  • Computer Equipment

  • Hospitality Equipment

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Earthmoving and Road Construction Plant and Equipment

  • Forklifts And Lifts

  • Engineering Equipment

  • Machines and Machine Tooling

  • Gaming Machines

  • Telecommunications / Telephone Equipment

  • Medical Equipment

  • Office Equipment and Furniture

  • Retail Fitouts

  • Security Equipment

  • Generators, Power And Energy Equipment

  • Compressors

  • Printing Equipment

  • Production Line Equipment, Robotic manufacturing equipment and Factory Automation

  • Materials handling Equipment

We are able to offer preferential terms that are free from the restrictions of a single source funder

  • No up front costs allow for capital investment in other areas

  • Flexible packages tailored to seasonal peaks or downturns

  • In most cases finance can be secured against the equipment, without requiring further security

  • Progress payment finance to reduce the cost of custom built plant and machinery

  • Letters of credit to minimise the risks associated with importing specialist equipment

  • Potential 100% tax deductibility with business use

  • Facilities which allow equipment upgrades at any time, often without increasing payments

  • We can also arrange 'pre-approvals' for future equipment acquisitions.

Whatever the plant or equipment, whatever your business, Castle Finance are the specialist in business equipment finance and leasing solutions to suit you. We offer flexibility at every stage, from the start we can structure an operating lease or a rental contract which matches the useful life of the equipment you need.


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